Happy Birthday Kathryn

Kathryn Showing off her Assets

Young at heart and full of vigour, Kathryn Potempski celebrates her birthday today.

I met Kathryn a few years back at a gallery exhibition opening I attended with my friend Sue. Kathryn was the crazy lady asking strangers if she could take their photos. She has an enigmatic way about her, able to blend with people from all walks of life. I remember seeing Kathryn’s photos on display that night and thinking how amazing they were. Only to find out a short time later that she had only picked up a camera and discovered her passion for photography in recent years.

When I mention that Kathryn was asking strangers to take their photo she really does it with ease. I remember having coffee with her after the opening and we were talking about the bone structure of a girl sitting at another table. When the young lady notices our glances Kathryn promptly calls out “Don’t worry, we’re not weird, we just think you have an amazing face for photography.” And that’s how she is.

Everything is approached at light speed and with gusto. Kathryn is a self-starter and in the short time I have known her we have become fast friends and I’m glad to say a little bit of her nature has rubbed off on me.

While I’m still not quite up to asking complete strangers to take their photos I am more confident in directing a shoot. I’ve always been pretty clued up on the technical aspects but actually talking to a model, or a subject of a photo, not so much. I treated everything like a snap shot. I was, and still am at times, the type of photographer who captures a moment. While Kathryn also does this she also knows that a good picture isn’t just taken, it’s made. She’ll get up early to get the perfect sunrise and wait patiently for the moment she’s chasing to come her way.

This post is to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kathryn. She’s leaving me un-returnable messages about me missing her birthday. But it’s today and I’ve tried to call. Left messages on facebook. She’s tough to track down at times.

I’m thankful that Kathryn is in my life. There are times it seems like she always has been, that’s how comfortable our friendship is. So Kathryn, if you read this, thanks for being a great friend. Happy birthday and here’s to the many, many, many, many more years that are ahead of you.

Below are some photos of Kathryn on set with a model we shot last year. The model is Kabel and coincedently he shares his birthday with Ms Kathryn. They clicked like a hen and chick.

Kabel and Kathryn
Kathryn Provides Feedback
Kathryn advising Kable of the next pose

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  1. Well what can I say , I grow on you .
    Now I am crying look what you have done ,friends indeed my only dear friends that put up with my louder than loud voice,my no stop talking, calling every second week to fix my bloody MAC!!!
    Just maybe I received the best present anyone one can receive friends that love you just the way you are.

    For You

    This is a list
    Of what to expect
    From me to you
    With love and respect
    I owe you an ear
    Cuz u would always pay attention
    I owe you a shoulder
    Cuz on yours lies my affection
    I owe u a hand
    You always helped out
    I owe u advice
    Of that there’s no doubt
    I owe u respect
    Of that your full
    I owe trust
    With my secrets you were cool
    I owe you knowledge
    You taught me so much
    I owe you love
    Deep in my heart, you touched
    I owe you a friend
    Who is honest and true

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