Happy Anniversary To Us – 14 years

Happy Anniversary

Oh man, 14 years, the time is fast approaching where I will have been with David for more than half my life. 14 years is huge for any relationship these days and we do it all without the entitlement of marriage. That’s one thing that continues to be denied to us by our government who has declared themselves a “traditional” government. Yeah the government run, non-traditionally, by a woman. Women weren’t even able to vote until the “tradition” of only men being allowed to form government was opened to women in 1902. And the “traditional” government who has made the progressive and non-traditional move to allow our women to serve on the front line, to face battle.

So just like the guys, the girls can now fight and are more readily available to die for their country, but not marry their partner should they be in a same-sex relationship. The “tradition” referred to by the government is our self-confessed atheist and unmarried but living in sin Prime Minister’s way of pandering to the conservative christian coalition. Cause we now live in a time when a government isn’t about doing what it right, it’s about doing what is popular, lest you be usurped by another party member should your opinion ratings fall.

But this isn’t a post about politics, though it certainly skewed that way. This is an affirmation of the love I have for my wonderful boyfriend of 14 years. David is my soulmate. Should they exist I know mine would be him. He makes me laugh, listens to my whinging and crazed ideas, indulges and supports my often expensive hobbies.

Happy Anniversary

We’ve seen a lot in 14 years, lived in two states of Australia, moved house five times, Newtown, Parramatta, Bligh Park, Blacktown, Sanctuary Lakes.

Gone overseas (Fiji and America)

Had six cars; white Holden Commodore (second hand), red Commodore (new), red Ford Laser (second hand, still with us), red Jeep Wrangler (new), sea grey Ford Fiesta (new) and red Toyota Camry (new, still with us)

We’ve shared the love of two wonderful dogs who have left us (Eve and Adam) and are enjoying new found love with our two new puppies (Bill and Jo).

Had a cockatiel (Geordie), three rabbits (Bungee, Pounder and Molly), two cats (Bellana and Perry*) and copious fish.

We’ve had hospital stays. Witnessed the marriage, birth and passing of family members on both sides. Together we’ve watched our nephews and niece (soon to be nieces) grow and become young adults.

Along the way we’ve made some amazing friends we’ll cherish for life.

Yeah 14 years is a LONG time. But it hasn’t seemed that way and I’ve loved almost every minute of it. While it sounds lame to say I think in the 14 years we’ve had two serious fights. We’ve cried a lot, but we’ve laughed so much more.

We don’t make a fuss about our anniversary, it’s just never been a thing we do. When it comes to presents we don’t often do anything about it. We have everything we need and I don’t need David to buy me things to let me know he loves me. I already know.

Of course while I say we don’t buy presents and don’t make a fuss about our anniversary I’m glad someone has done so. Our friend Nikki.

Two years ago for our 12th anniversary Nikki made us Little Jamie and Little David.

This year Nikki, Ben and the kids came over and gifted us an upgrade for the pair. This year we received beanies and a campfire to keep us warm on cold winter nights. You can see them modelled below.

Little David and Little Jamie get upgrades

The kids also got to meet the puppy and Amelie spent some quality time with Jo, I think Amelie would really love a puppy. What do you think?

Amelie, Horse and Jo

We also had dinner with the family and Trudi. Trudi and Saimon who were married just over a week ago stopped in earlier to say hello and Trudi stayed on when Saimon went off to watch the footy with one of his friends.

For dinner David made Lemon Spaghetti. I love it, I think I could eat it for a week straight. But I shouldn’t put that in writing. At least one point in our relationship (in the last few years actually) we tried eating the same thing for an entire week. I don’t think we’ve had bangers and mash since. :P

In closing, Happy Anniversary David. Thanks for the last 14 years. I look forward to the day when I can call you my husband rather than my boyfriend, not that it will make me love you more. It would just be nice to say :D Smooch.

It’s not lost on me that we share our day with another important day: ANZAC Day. While I’ll never support the idea of war, I do support and count myself lucky we have men and women who fight for our freedom. The fallen and those still with us are often in my mind. I hope one day we can live in a world free of war, but until that time I thank those who keep me safe. We will not forget you.

* We still have Perry, he spent a couple of years with my sister when we first move to Melbourne, but has since been reunited with us.

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