Easter Lunch

This year our friends’ Easter just happened to fall the same time as the gazetted Christian Easter and they were having an Easter Sunday lunch and we luckily got an invite.

Easter Lunch (yesterday)

We made the trip to Craigieburn and had a thoroughly good time. We took the doggins along to meet Lana and Sue’s mum. I think their mum would like a puppy. She was quite taken with the dogs.

Before we lunch we did a traditional egg fight. Each person selects and egg from the basket and when they have the egg they think is a winner they whack it, point to point, against someone else’s egg. If your egg breaks you have to hand your egg over to the victor who gets to eat them both. I’ve never done this before. For us Easter eggs had always been of the chocolate variety so it was great fun to do.

The eggs were coloured and decorated with elaborate patterns. They looked great.

Easter Eggs

Lunch was amazing. First course was a chicken noodle soup, followed by lasagne and salad, which I forgot to photograph. And as if I weren’t full enough along came a roast pork with baked apples, roast potatoes, roast pumpkin, bread and the smoothest apple sauce for a third course. These ladies can cook up a storm I tell you. I always feel quite privileged to indulge in their culinary endeavours.

Easter Lunch - Roast Pork and Apples
Easter Lunch - Pumpkin and Potatoes
Easter Lunch - Bread and Apple Sauce

After a short break to go outside with the doggins and let the massive amounts of food shift a little, we adjourned to the lounge where we all felt like unbuttoning our pants and letting our food-full bellies out.

We followed this short break up with Trifle, Custard and Apple Pie. A divine ending to an amazing meal. Not sure how I fit desert in, but you know how it is, there is another stomach in there somewhere for sweets, that’s what my nan always said.

Easter Lunch - Trifle
Easter Lunch - Custard
Easter Lunch - Apple Pie

The rest of the afternoon was spent in a kind of stupor, almost a food coma. There was much patting of the puppies and much joyous chatter. I love my friends and am grateful to have them in my life.

Lana, David, Mum and Sue
Easter Lunch - Jo and Bill asleep

Oh yeah, we also had a little fun at Lana’s expense. She doesn’t love the word delicious. And when you respond that way to her food she gives you a look you don’t want to see. This stems from someone she no longer likes favouring the word as the only description he had for food. So as a way of desensitizing Lana we made a little postcard for her for when had finished our meals and to show our gratitude for a wonderful meal.

As you can probably guess, the postcard has “delicious” from a whole bunch of languages.

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