Still going down, thankfully.

I think there is always a danger in weighing in daily, especially if you have a blow out day like I did this weekend past. Those days when you move up a little threaten to kill your enthusiasm and make you wonder why the he’ll you’re doing all that you are. Why you’re giving up on the nice tasty foods and the quick and easy take away.

But you just have to remember that the tasty foods and take-away are making you fat, slow and crushing your potential. And it’s only laziness that really sees you eating bad food and bad marketing that has you convinced that food that’s good for you tastes bad. It doesn’t of course.

The other truth is everything is fine in moderation. Which really translates to “know your portions for all foods”. Fight your (my) upbringing that screams at you when you sit to eat. That upbringing yelling at you to eat everything you’re given. That it’s rude not to eat everything that’s on your plate. When you’re done. You’re done. Walk away from the table.

My new favourite breakfast is a glass of Birchers muesli with berries instead of “The big breakfast” and I’m still satisfied when I leave the table.

So that’s my little update for today. I went up by 0.3 over the weekend and back down by 0.4 as of this morning. Currently sitting on 141.0 kg. A long way to go, and bit by bit, I’ll get there.


  1. Stepping on the scales daily is a big no-no. You should know better, you’ll only get depressed from what you see, even if you’ve lost a tiny bit. You’re immediatly wondering why, after all your efforts you lost so little, or gained so much.

    Once a week is enough! You can do it!

  2. oh no I need to do it daily, it keeps me focused. Keeps my mind on what I’m eating. And there is the little bit of guilt when I know on a day I don’t want to step on the scale because I know I ate something I shouldn’t have the day before. Or not that I “shouldn’t have”. But something I should have given more thought to before eating.

    So for me daily jump on the scales is imperative.

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