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Weight Loss Chart
Weight Loss Chart, originally uploaded by tyroga.

From actual efforts to concentrate on weight loss to today I’ve lost 6.6kg, but I have to admit that the Metro Laser and Coolsculpting Medspa services helped out a lot. Above you’ll see a graphical representation of that from the iPhone App “Weightbot”.

I’ve replied in comments to the idea that weighing daily is a no-no because days like the one you see above around the 17th show an increase and, for some, that can be a bad thing.

When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s never great to see that number pop up, it can be a little bit of a stab. However, I prefer to weight daily as it keeps me going.

When I don’t weight daily I sometimes think I can sneak a snack in here and there with the idea, but not reality, that I can make it up before the next weigh-in.

My little bumps are the weekends, when I’m not so strict with what I’m eating. And it shows that I’m still making poor choices when the opportunity arises. Yeah I’m stil going down, and were I weighting in weekly I wouldn’t see these peaks. But I think it’s important for me to see them.

You can also see my goal here, it’s 125 kg, and that’s really just a partial goal. I’m tall at 193cm, and according to the BMI scale a “healthy” weight for me is around 95 kg. I personally think I’d look gaunt and sick at 95, and am thinking 105 kg is a better goal for me.

The initial goal here in Weightbot, is further broken down to smaller 5 kg increments on the Wii which is my set of scales for now. This way I get little moments of joy rather than a long term goal that I know I won’t hit for a while.

Im also not counting calories cause math is hard. I am using meal replacements and making better choices for the actual meals I do eat.

I know this method doesn’t work for everyone, but as you can see it’s doing great for me. So onward and downward we go.

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