Missing Twitter on day 1

Made a stupid deal last week, that might amount to something fun in the not too distant future. Roy basically bet me last week that I couldn’t stay off Twitter for a week. Well I figured I can. And stay off twitter doesn’t just mean no posting my own updates. It means staying off. No reading and no interacting with Twitter on ANY of my accounts, apparently Roy doesn’t believe that @BillTheDoggin does all his own tweets.

In return Roy is trying to restrict his own activity of another kind but apparently as equally habitual for him. I’ll not know for sure if he keeps up his side of the bargain, except for maybe if he becomes irritable by the end of the week and doesn’t stop fidgeting in his chair.

Mine, however, is quite easy to monitor, anyone can see my updates in the sidebar of this site and will know if I post. As far as the reading goes, I’ve removed Twitter apps from my iPhone, iPad and Mac, both work and home so I should be right.

But I am missing it, I didn’t realise how often I think about what I’ll tweet in my head, long before actually reaching to tweet. I’m also missing having it as a venting tool. So Roy may not be the only person frustrated by the end of the week. :P

It will be a good experiment but I am missing my twitter contacts already, wondering what they are up to and what’s doing in the world. But I’m also getting less distractions and less URLs floating past my eyes.

You’ll next hear from me on Twitter on Monday March 14 which incidentally is my 4th year and 1 month of being on Twitter. How time has flown.

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