Got Kids? Need This…

Was watching TED today, as I often do during lunch at work, and marveled at today’s episode about Khan Academy.

If you have a kid, you should know about this site. It’s amazing and apart from the occasional YouTube ad the whole thing is free and growing everyday.

I’m even considering going through these videos myself :P

Sal basically started making videos to help his cousins learn and found it was used by many. It’s a brilliant concept and it’s even more brilliant that it’s made available for free and worldwide.

Covering Math, Science and Humanities these lessons are applicable worldwide.

Watch the Salman Khan: Let’s use video to reinvent education – TED Video then go and visit the Khan Academy for you and your kids.

You can even login and create a “class” to coach and track your kids’ progress through their learning. Even if you’re a teacher you’re encouraged to use this site for your class.

Sure it’s not a total replacement for face-to-face education, but if you have a kid like I was this will be awesome. I was the kind of kid who would sit with an encyclopedia and read away. If this site were around (heck, if the internet was around) when I was a kid, I reckon I’d be a whole lot smarter than I am today.

Sample video: Basic Addition.

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