Down, Down and Down

I started this week poorly having not had a good week last week I was at 145.3 last Monday, told you I was bad. I didn’t have good enough will power, was snacking and all round not eating well. This week was better.

This morning I weighed in at 141.9 the week’s loss comes to 3.4kg. I need to see what I can do with some exercise, maybe it will even motivate me to get a personal trainer certification. For the most part this week has been all about reducing calorie intake. There have been some trials, David has cooked some wonderful food I’ve had to say no to and I can tell you it wasn’t easy.

I feel better for the change. I know I have to start at the gym soon, it will help sure up some musculature and stop the sag that tends to happen when people lose weight. The other important thing is keeping up water intake which I’ve been doing quite well.

So moderate success with more to come. Let’s do this people.


  1. That’s a pretty awesome result! I was reading somewhere that you should really be aiming for about 1% bodyweight loss per week, especially if you’re worried about loose skin as a side effect. So you might even be losing too much weight!

    Did you try that diary site I sent you? I find it’s not so effective in me planning my meals, but the guilt that’s induced when those calories go into the red (when I’m overeating for my target) is enough for me to adjust my eating habits, even just that little bit.

  2. Sheesh at the moment I’m averaging 2.3 per week, which I think is an OK rate. I know they say not to lose too much for fear of the bounce-back if and when the “diet” stops. But I should start the exercising soon cause I know the food-only weight loss is going to come to an end soon, I’ll plateau and need an extra push.

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