Two steps forward

And one giant step back. As it happens.

I haven’t done well this last week and a half. Actually I put weight on. I haven’t been good about the food choices and of course I failed to exercise at all.

In fact the last week and a bit I watched too much TV and didn’t do much else when not at work.

We had breakfast on Saturday with Nikki, Ben and the kids and Nikki said something that stuck a chord. She said we all talk about how we have no time, but when we consider how much time we spend doing nothing or watching TV etc.

This time I have spent doing things that aren’t really life fulfilling or assisting in personal development could have been spent doing other stuff that would help me get to my goals.

So this week I have to cut down on times when I’m JUST sitting and watching TV. Get up and move around more. Take Bill for walks. Get active.

I also read a lot of twitter updates over the weekend and see folks I follow who were doing fun runs, bike rides, getting out and about while I stayed at home.

I’m lame, I have to do more, and be more. Keep reading and let’s see where we can get to.

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  1. I had a bit of a lazy weekend too. Well, apart from the late night drunken karaoke, which I’m sure is not good for weight loss.

    I think I finally have a grasp on this portion control thing – I’ve finally learned to eat more slowly, which gives me the opportunity to feel whether I’m getting full, rather than just stuffing myself and noticing all too late that I have no room left in my belly!

    Anyway, this week is about exercise, yes? Yes. :)

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