Movie weekend

A time of madness. I was watching movies with my vpn and doing work for most of the weekend. Probably more movie watching than actual work but I got a fair bit done. There were however a couple of movies that had me sucked in and not that much work got done during those movies.

What did I watch?

  • Bunch of TV (Fringe, RuPaul, 30 Rock)
  • Frozen
    Three kids get stuck on a ski lift late on Sunday night  and have to try and get themselves out of it.
  • Unstoppable
    A train leaves the yard without a driver and carrying lots of explosives and is heading towards a populated area. Two other train drivers heading towards the the unstoppable train have to save the day.
  • Skyline
    Aliens invade the Earth and are vacuuming up the people. Weird movie, great visuals, crap dialogue.
  • The Last Airbender
    Was an all right movie, if a sequel comes out I’d watch it for sure. I liked the characters. Was put off from watching it before due to bad reviews, but I think most of those reviews came from people who knew the graphic novels/comics. I don’t know them so went in without knowing the characters.
  • Hairspray
    The original John Waters movie that started it all. Have seen it many times before but wanted to watch it again.  Funny how the movie really is the same as the musical version that came after it, the scene cuts and everything, with a few exceptions.
  • District 9
    The poor “prawns” being treated badly. Alien refugees who face segregation in South Africa.
  • Little Shop of Horrors
    The Frank Oz musical version from 1986. Love it.
  • Burlesque
    I loved it, there were a lot of similar scene work-ups as you see in Chicago. The dance numbers were great, I now want to visit a burlesque club, own one and live in one.
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