Let me be

I dreamt of him again last night. It’s more than a little disconcerting to have repeat dreams of a small child who isn’t there.

The first time he appeared to me, it took me a while to realize that he was “no longer with the living”, and that realization only came when he was telling me things no five year old would know.

Usually what other kids were thinking. And in my dreams he mainly appears when other kids are around. He freaks me out. I don’t know him. He’s not someone I recognize from my real life.

In the dreams I often end up in the same place. Over near the MCG on a walk between the Queen Victoria Market and there. That’s where he is strongest.

He follows me. I tell him to leave me alone. To go to where he should be.

The dreams aren’t the same, though they follow the same pattern.

I’m at the market, visit with vendors. Never by anything, but have my camera with me. Take some photos and there he is. After the fourth or fifth shot he’s no longer just showing up in camera, he’s standing in front of me. Talking to me

He wants food, he’s hungry. He wants to know where his sister and his mother is. A ione of questioning he quickly gives up as he starts to follow me.

I walk down through the city and to the MCG he’s with me all the way. Chattering away. Occasionally solemn and quiet. I’m pretty sure after the initial questions about his mum and sister he knows he’s a spirit.

Near the MCG he tells me how he has to go now. And he’s gone and I wake up.

Other stuff happens in between and but those elements are always the same.

Differing stuff that happened last night:

While at the market he told me to talk to a group of people who were sitting near a bus stop. They were in Geelong supporters gear. I sat with them and we talked for a while about nothing. The child put his hand on a woman’s head, she didn’t notice. He said “she’s sad, her husband (though he said her kid’s dad) has gone away.”

We walked into a house, as soon as we were inside he told me to leave, said it wasn’t a good place. I turned to do so and the doors all shut and locked. He screamed “NOOOO” and the front door flew open and we left.

We walked into the lobby of a building and down some stairs. A mother and two small children were walking towards us. He called to the little boy child who turned a little but not all the way to meet his gaze. He became frustrated and wanted to know why they never want to play with him.

The places we visit between the market and the football ground aren’t real places in-between those two points. At least they aren’t places I know of.

After he’s gone and I’m awake I feel a little freaked out for a time, sometimes left to wonder if he’s going to show up in real life. Knowing of course deep down it won’t happen.

Weird, I know

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