Is it the carbs that are killing me?

I think it must be. Over the last week I increased my weight which is going in the wrong direction all together. Then last week wasn’t a very good week for me. I just wasn’t “feeling it”.

But this week I’ve tried to be better. No hot chips at lunch, even though I love them and what I thought would be better food choices. But now I’m thinking my body really doesn’t like carbs at all.

For the last two days I’ve has toast with David’s homemade plum jam for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and homemade bean burritos for dinner. While the pinto beans used for the fried beans (no not fried with lots of oil) are high in protein, I think the cheese and sour cream did me in.

I did go down by 0.2kg over night, but that’s not enough. Let’s lose more.

Today I had a shake for breakfast, will probably have a salad for lunch and go for a shake again at lunch. I think I need the little kick to get me started.

The other thing I need to work on is determination. I think I mentioned that I’m my own worst enemy and I have to overcome the fear of failure that whispers in my ear “don’t even bother trying”

I woke at 5am this morning because I told myself to last night, the plan was to go to the gym, which is only 500m from my front door, but I woke found BillTheDoggin sleeping next to me gave him a hug and went back to sleep for half an hour.

Tomorrow we WILL get up and gym it. This time I’ll tell David about it.

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