There it’s out there now. And while in my mind I’m quick to jump in and remind folks that I’m 6″3′ and I don’t “look” that fat and even my friends will support me and same similar things it’s simply not true.

At our work we work closely with the AFL and I see AFL player stats all the time. Some of those guys that are the same height as I am are just 90kg. I’m never going to make it down that far. My frame simply doesn’t support it and I reckon I’d look a little sickly if I did make it that far down. Plus of course those guys are elite athletes who train a heck of a lot more than I will. But my aim is to make it as far as 115kg and reassess from there.

First goal though is 10kg in the next three weeks. I think I’ll loose it a lot faster, in a couple of days I’m sure I’ll lose at least 5kg. It’s easy to lose the weight at first just with diet modification and better portion control. So while you may see big losses at the start you shouldn’t, and I wont, expect continued dramatic losses throughout this period.

It took me a lot of years to put the weight on and while I don’t think it will take YEARS to get it off, I have to be realistic and understand it’s not going to happen over night.

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  1. You know the first 8 to 10 kg is just water, after that you start to burn off the weight/fat.

    Try to eat 6 times a day, so you don’t feel hungry and your stomach has something to do.

    I hope to reach those 144,5 kg soon, at 6″6′ a hundred kilos would be healthy, but before I turn into a shadow of myself I think 115 is okay too. [I was when I started in 2007, twohundred kilos]

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