Slow Burn

An amazing video found on Vimeo, via Twitter. It looks amazing, I suggest you go to it Vimeo and watch it in high definition, full screen. Watch it again and again, I did.

It’s just so organic, it looks so alive.

Frazer Churchill has done an amazing job, and piffle to those comments about it should be rotated this way, or have more frames per second. This is brilliant. He was also the Visual Effects Supervisor on Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. Dude knows his stuff I guess.

Here are some screen caps from the video, they really don’t do it justice but I wanted to sit and marvel at them for a time.

Today at work someone brought up the use of a GoPro HD Wearable Camera for our photography department and our IT guy crapped all over the idea wanting to know why we would want such a thing what we would ever need one for, what would be do with the footage. Blah, blah blah… sometimes life is about experimentation. Creativity is about experimentation. No artist ever starts a project absolutely certain of the outcome and rarely with the opinion that the idea may not shift halfway through.

I think I’ll get one of the cameras in the near future. The footage would be brilliant to add to the kids riding their bikes or skateboards.

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