New Blog Design

My New Blog Design

So anyway, finally got tired of the old blog layout. Loved the colours, nice and green and all but it was driving me nuts that the content section was only 440 pixels wide.

I take a lot of photos and blog a lot of photos from my Flickr account so it’s annoying that I had to keep resizing the images from their default 500 x 333 to 440 x 293 to have them fit in my blog.

The solution was easy, change the blog. I tried to make modifications to the old theme to accommodate the 500 pixel content width but it was too hard with all the niggly little bits so in the end I decided to abandon the old blog format and get a new one.

The new theme is ArtSee 2.4 from Elegant Themes. It’s a fairly old one to them. I made some minor tweaks but for the most part it’s straight out of the box.


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