It’s Getting Dark and Wet Out There

Funny Looking Clouds

It has been raining quite a bit in Melbourne. Of course nothing like it has been in Queensland, where for the last three weeks rain has been falling relentlessly, causing the worst flooding seen in over 1,000 years across the state.

Brisbane city looks like a war zone with the shopping centres sandbagged to the hilt and thousands of people are evacuated to shelters or still trapped in their homes awaiting rescue. Brisbane is expecting to see floods equal or just shy of the 1974 floods.

Wivenhoe Dam up there that is at 190% capacity. The dam can apparently go to 210% capacity before it has to start dumping water automatically.

Photos of the Wivenhoe Dam by Dean Saffron from The Age.

They are saying the affected areas are something like twice the size of texas. It’s amazing and it’s not even over yet. The Brisbane River is expected to peak at 4am tomorrow and then again at 4pm tomorrow afternoon. The city is expected to be inundated further. It’s going to be chaos for a lot of months to come as the clean up and rebuild happens.

Train lines have been destroyed. Whole houses have been moved, cars have travelled like boats down overflowing creeks and rivers. It’s devastating.

You can give to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal. At time of writing $35,868,270 has been raised. I’ll be donating some cash come pay day this week.

To give an indication of just how bad the flooding is, check out this shot of the flooding on TwitPic from user @Pattycam. It’s insane.

Here in Melbourne we’ve had a bit of rain in the last few days, it comes and goes. I grabbed some shots of the rainbows and cloud formations hanging round the house today.

Dark over the house
Ominous Clouds
Double Rainbow


  1. Photo 2, the clouds above your house [I suppose that’s the one] look like some alien ship will decend any time soon.

    Just hope the water in the creek near your home stays were it is, instead of flooding the area.

  2. We’ll be right, we have solid walls all around that section of the estate. Until it gets up around the front where the gate is we should be fine if the creek were to rise.

    On another note, here in Docklands (at work) our boss wants to put in place a contingency plan should the Yarra rise too much!

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