It Gets Better

I’m really surprised I hadn’t posted about this before. I thought I had but couldn’t find anything in my search to say so.

It Gets Better is a project started by relationship and sex advice columnist and podcaster Dan Savage and his husband (yeah they can get married in some parts of the US) Terry. It was started as a result of the highly publicised suicides of many teens who committed suicide after being bullied relentlessly for being gay. At least one of the victims didn’t actually self-identify as gay but was harassed so much he couldn’t take it any more.

So check out the videos below, there are heaps more over at

And while these videos all mention America’s “The Trevor Project” or other US-based Counselling services we do have them here. Google Gay and Lesbian Switchboard and then your state.

Dan and Terry’s Video, the one that kicked it off.

From the NOH8 project.

A song by Rebecca Drysdale. Beautifully done and somewhat funny.

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