A couple of my favourite little people

Got to spend some time with Am and Ell on Saturday. They are great little people. It has been wonderful having them as part of our lives since before they were born. Their folks are just amazing and these two will grow to be incredible humans. It was great to take photos of the kids. Something I don’t get to do often enough. And these two are growing so quickly.

I’m doing this thing at the moment where I try and do all the focus in my camera manually so it was hard to grab the real action shots, but I think I got some good ones.

If you’re a friend or family on Flickr you can see more than are presented here.

The Fairy Door
The fairy door.

Little fairy checks the fairy door
Am checks to see if Tink is home.

Checking the fairy door
Ell comes over to see if he can see any fairies.

Elliot and Amelie
Brother and Sister Twins

Little Fairy
A portrait of Amelie

Brooding Elliot
A portrait of Elliot

High-Flying Elliot

High-Flying Amelie

Father and son
Father and Son

Lunch Time for Elliot

Lunch time for Amelie

Amelie Playing with a digger and Muck
The digger fills up Muck

Digger in the “dirt.”


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