Twas the night before Christmas (Sydney 2010, Day 6)

It was a low-key day today. Not much happened. We went out early to grab some stuff from the local Coles stopping at Maccas on the way for breakfast.

Alek loves hash browns
Alek and hotcakes

When we arrived at Coles we were left extremely disappointed by what the Coles at Carnes Hill thinks is an acceptable-sized beetroot. They were teeny tiny little things. We grabbed the other items we needed figuring we could get the beetroot from the Fruit and Veg shop. Only problem being there was no such store in the shopping centre.


So we went looking for another centre or a grocer. In the end we ended up at the Casula shopping complex. They at least had a fruit and veg shop but their beetroot were still so tiny it was making us sad. We needed beetroot for David’s beetroot salad and were a little disheartened to not have found any.

Thankfully the Coles in the same centre did have beetroot and they were large enough to use.

Other than that we really didn’t do much for the rest of the day. Alek went riding on his bike and we watched TV at Jennifer and Pete’s while we waited for them to come home.

At around 4pm Jennifer arrived home and Pete shortly after. Then it was time for Alek to go to his Dad’s for Christmas Eve. His step mum is American and they hold to the tradition that they each get to open a gift on Christmas Eve so he’s always keen to go.

We were joined by Pete’s brother, his wife, Kirsty and daughter (Mikala) for a great dinner. The meal featured BBQ cooked by Pete, salads by David and potato bake by Kirsty. It was a delightful night.


There were even Christmas bonbons (or crackers), as you can see from the photo below I didn’t win either the one to my left or to my right. :(


After dinner David and I went to Jody’s place to sleep the night so we’d be awaken on Christmas day to spend the morning with David’s family before heading over to my brother’s house for dinner on Christmas night.

On a side note: When looking through my sister’s cupboards for some glasses I realised she must have awesome weekends*


* in Australia Aerogard comes with a tagline, “Remember the Aerogard and have a good weekend.” So I figure with that much Aerogard Jennifer, Pete and Alek must have amazing weekends.

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