Terrible Terrigal (Sydney 2010, Day 9)

Well it wasn’t really terrible, but the weather was.

Turns out when we left Jody’s we left Bill’s cocker spaniel bowls behind. They cost about $30 bucks each.

Luckily Jody, Greg and the kids were coming up the coast for a week and were able to bring Bill’s bowls with them.

They were staying at Terrigal over night before heading further up the coast to Shoal Bay, near Nelson Bay.

David and I headed out to meet Jody and collect the bowls at Terrigal.


We arrived a little earlier than they, so we took a walk around and I took some photos.


There was a weird shape moving around in the water, I first saw it in the wash near the boat ramp mixed up with the sand so it took a minute to figure out what it was, but as it moved out I could tell it was a massive stingray. I’d never seen one as big as that with my own eyes before. Not that the photo really shows it, but it will be a good reminder of what I saw.


There were also a few pelicans hanging around. You see a LOT of pelicans up on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Thankfully they are my favourite bird.


Soon it started to rain so we retreated to the car to wait. About 20 minutes later Jody and the crew arrived. We got Bill’s bowls back and headed back to David’s folk’s house.

We didn’t really do much for the rest of the day. But for dinner David treated us to savoury pancakes. These things are delicious. Mine had mushrooms, pineapple, corn, sour cream, zucchini and BBQ sauce on it. It’s cooked on the BBQ and is really filling.


After dinner we checked out the Apple TV, tried renting a TV show on it, David’s mum watches Brothers and Sisters so that’s the one we selected. Unfortunately it came up telling us the TV show would be ready for viewing in 6 hours and at times got all the way out to 15 hours. Looks like the show will have to wait until tomorrow to watch. Not sure why the Apple TV is acting like that. Will have to investigate when we get home with ours.

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