Lunch with Mum (Sydney 2010, Day 4)

Today we visited mum and went out for lunch with her. We also finally got her something for Christmas.

The day started with David and I waiting for Alek to come home from his Grandmother’s house where he went last night for his birthday dinner while Jennifer and Pete headed off for a day at work.

Alek arrived home about 10:30 and we quickly headed off to visit with mum, take her shopping and out for lunch.

When we arrived at mum’s she was already ready to go, but it was a little early for lunch so I looked around a bit in her yard to see what she’s been up to lately, given that I haven’t seen the place for twelve months.

Mum's House
Mum's Turtle
Mum's Plants
Mum's Gnome 2
Mum's Gnome
Praying Mantis

After going round the yard for a short time we bundled back into the car and headed to Penrith. Alek was kind enough to show off David’s favourite book and let me test out a couple of settings on the point and shoot camera.

Alek, Reader of Martha Stewart
My Nephew Alek
Alek in the Backseat
Alek in the Backseat
Alek in the Backseat

Our first stop was Bing Lee to get mum a new modem for her ADSL, she’s had no internet for a couple of months because her old one kicked the bucket and she wasn’t sure which one she should buy and was bamboozled by the sales people the last time she went in. We ended up finding a Belkin modem and bought it for her for Christmas.

Mum's Present

Then we headed over to Penrith Plaza for a bit of shopping and lunch with mum.

We tried to go to Hog’s Breath Cafe but they didn’t want to sit us at a decent table, one that would accommodate us and our bags. So we left and went to the cafe next door to eat. We started with nachos and followed it up with Spaghetti Bolognese for Alek, Chicken Parma for David, Mum had the fetucchini and I had the vegi burger. The food wasn’t that great and we probably wouldn’t recommend going to the place. But the service was a whole lot better than Hog’s Breath Cafe.

Alek's Bolognese Lunch
David's Chicken Parma Lunch
Mum's Fettucini Lunch
My Vegie Burger Lunch

We also did a spot of shopping buying Alek a Bracelet and checked out some clothes. Grandma bought him a new jumper that he wanted and he saw some boardies he wanted but will have to wait a while for as it would have taken some time for him to grow into them had he insisted on purchasing them. In the end he decided they could be his “after” photo for The Biggest Loser.

Alek's New Bracelet
Alek's Biggest Loser "After" photo

We then dropped mum back at home cause she had to go to work in the afternoon.

On the way back to Jennifer’s house we decided on a prank we could play on my sister. We were going to get something for Alek that would look like he had gotten his ear pierced, something his mother would hate. We found some sticky diamond-like things in the scrap booking isle and headed home, stopping for a sundae on the way.

Arriving at Jennifer’s house I saw something slithering in the gutter, a red-belly black snake. Just a little one, it was near the small outlet drain at the front of Jennifer’s front yard. It took David and Alek a couple of seconds to believe me, when they finally saw the critter as it was scurrying into the darkness drain.

The Drain

A few calls later and it became obvious there was nothing much we could do about it. The council doesn’t have snake handlers and WIRES wouldn’t come out unless the animal was injured. So in short, there is a red-belly black snake around about here. It only freaks one out for a little time before realising that there are actually probably a few around all of us all the time. In reality it probably came from, and has already returned to the creek at the end of the street. There’s a lot of redevelopment work going on down that way that has probably scared it out of its usual habitat.

Not too scared of the snake, Alek joined some of the local kids out the front (avoiding the drain) and was jumping on his new BMX he got for his birthday yesterday.

Alek Jumping
Alek Jumps
Alek Jumping

Some dude named Corbin Harris has scribbled on his helmet that we bought him for his birthday last year. Alek says this is a good thing and also has a poster signed by the guy. Apparently a professional skater dude.

Alek's helmet signed by Corbin Harris

When he was done with jumping we put the rest of our pranking plan in place, affixing the fake earing to Alek’s ear. And waiting for his mum to arrive home. Pete beat her home and checked out Alek’s ear, saying it looked good, but he had to make a closer inspection not believing we’d get something like that done without Jennifer’s approval.

Alek's Latest Addition

Alek was outside when Jennifer got home and two things became quickly obvious. Alek had no respect for the build up of a prank AND he can’t lie to his mum (probably a good thing). After only a couple of questions from the car and the statement “If that’s real you’d better take it out right now”, Alek removed the sticker and tossed it away. Oh man we could have had her going for at least another 5 minutes I reckon. :P

For dinner we had garlic bread, pastitsies and left over pizza from last night. David then made the most awesome dessert pizza, a chocolate pizza with banana and marshmallows. It tasted awesome.

Garlic Bread
Chocolate Pizza

We rounded out the night watching clips on YouTube, including Fail Compilation November 2010, a couple of Lady Gaga Parodies and some stuff from Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui.

Tomorrow we’re back off to Jody’s so the nephews can play together. Alek wants to take his new bike and his jump ramp, not sure we can fit both in the car so he may have to settle for just his bike. If it fits. We follow that up with Mexican at a restaurant in Cronulla, Pete says it’s the best mexican around.

And on an ending note I have to say four days in, the weather has been awesome. I was expecting Sydney to be a hot sticky mess of humidity, but i’s been quite nice. I’ve even gotten a little bit of a sunburn.

And finally some cute random photos of Bill The Doggin.

Bill Looking Cute
Bill Looking Cute

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