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Jacksons Footy iPad Application

Jackson's Footy

I finally finished my latest iPad application for work. As is always the way I know now a slightly different and probably more correct way to build the app now. You grow, you learn.

It’s basically a book that you swipe your way through. It’s a direct port of a paper-based book our company did about a year ago. Written by Dwayne Russell and illustrated by Donna Gynell it’s a beautiful looking book. I think it has transferred all right to the iPad medium.

There’s another book to follow which I think is due to go to the printers early next year, but don’t quote me on that.

At $12.99 it’s more expensive than most books in the app store, but it’s about half the price of the paper version. It is also more interactive. You can choose to either read the book yourself, in which case you just swipe away like you would most books. Or you can have it read to you. You still swipe the pages, but author Dwayne Russell reads the words. In both iterations you can still tap the words on the screen and have them read to you, or you can tap the picture and find the items that have words associated with them.

It’s my biggest app to date. I have to say though it gets stuck in your mind when you’ve heard the story a thousand times during testing. “On Sunday morning when Jackson woke, there was his footy!”.

So if you have an iPad and a little one, get the Jackson’s Footy iPad app.

Jacksons Footy iPad Application

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