It’s Christmas Day (Sydney 2010, Day 7)

Oh what a day. So much happiness, so much food.

The day started at Jody and Greg’s in Ebenezer. The whole family had arrived the night before so we could all be there for Christmas morning.

I have to say I don’t know what is wrong with kids these days. When we were kids we were up by 4:30, clamouring to see what Santa had left in the stockings at the end of our beds. We were only allowed to go through these and weren’t allowed to leave our room (all four kids would pile into one) until our parents had awoken.

In our day it was Pez dispensers and orange flavoured tic-tacs in christmas baubles with a toy in the top part. Chocolate and maybe a Star Wars figurine.

These days the stockings contain enough to rival all that we got on Christmas day, with clothes and shoes as the Vessi waterproof shoes perfect everyday ear and also little robotic gerbils and other gadgets for the kids. And of course still a good array of chocolate and other lollies.

Early Morning

Today I was awake at about 5 and sat up with David, Santa had obviously been because the beer and biscuits had been munched on.

Santa's Booty

We waited in the lounge room until around 6:30 when the kids finally awoke. As always the kids went crazy when they saw the tree, they couldn’t wait to open all of their gifts.

Maygen quickly gathered a whole bunch with her name on them. The kids took turns opening their presents and were wowed with each gift. Maygen’s big presents were a whole bunch of Zhu Zhu Pets (which I’d never heard of before then), her own hair dryer, straightener and crimper. For Jacob they were an Xbox 360 and his Skull Candy, Skull Crusher headphones. When he tried them on he exclaimed “Wearing these is like going to another world.” Other than those gifts they got a bunch of clothes and lots of other little toys.

Maygen and her hair dryerP1010567

We had a great breakfast of croissants and the kids tried out their drinking glasses which provided some amusement for the whole family.


You’d think that would be the prefect bunch of toys and gifts. But Maygen was in for a surprise. About an hour after they’d opened their other gifts everyone went out to the shed. Maygen’s eyes went large when she saw a motorised scooter.


Then Greg told Jacob that Maygen had another part of her scooter in the shed and asked that he get it. When the door went up, so did Jacob’s eyes and the sides of his mouth into a large grin. He was speechless for a good five minutes as he stared at his biggest gift. A new (to him) KTM 125. It was almost too big for him. And seriously he didn’t stop grinning for a good hour as he took it for a spin around the yard.

Jacob's Big Reveal
Jacob and his bike

Jacob then quickly got into his gear and headed down the back of the property to try it out on the track. He took to it like a duck to water and was throwing it around the track like he’d always ridden a bike that big.

Everyone watches Jacob ride his new bike
Jacob rides his new bike
Jacob rides his new bike
Jacob rides his new bike
Jacob rides his new bike
Jacob rides his new bike
Jacob rides his new bike
Jacob rides his new bike
Jacob rides his new bike
Jacob rides his new bike
Jacob rides his new bike
Jacob rides his new bike

It was a hot day and I was thanking to gods for air conditioning as we sat down to an amazing Christmas lunch. David had made some salads and the others had cooked a pork, turkey. Accompanied by beautiful baked potatoes and pumpkin and other veggies. There was also some traditional ham. This was followed by one of the most perfect pavlova made by Jody. It all tasted fantastic.


Shortly after lunch David and I headed over to Brian and Belinda’s for dinner with my family. When I say dinner, it should be “dinner” everyone was so stuffed with food from their respective lunches that dinner really was no more than an exercise in grazing on leftovers and the salads that David prepared.

We gave Rourke his gifts before he had to head off to his dad’s place for Christmas dinner. After Brian and Belinda were back from dropping off Rourke we gathered everyone around to give Alek his gift.

The poor little bugger had to wait the whole day for his gift as it was a big gift that everyone went in for he hadn’t really gotten many other presents on Christmas day.

I missed the unwrap as I was the one who handed him the present, I should have held back and taken photos because his reaction was priceless. He unwrapped his iPad, cheered and hugged the box to his chest. Big grin and a lot of joy. I had to get him to pose with it a little later on.


After he got his gift he joined some of the other in the pool and was soon joined by Bill the Doggin.


Other than that the day was full of great fun, family cheer and general all round love fest.

David and I returned to Jody’s place around 9pm hung out for about an hour before hitting bed, full of food and tired as.

Tomorrow is boxing day, we don’t plan on doing much other than taking a trip to David’s parents house.

Merry Christmas One and All

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