Happy Birthday Alek! (Sydney 2010, Day 3)

Today is our nephew Alek’s birthday. He turns 12 and it’s amazing to think he heads to high school next year.

Having a birthday so close to Christmas is both a blessing and a curse. Too often it can get wrapped up into one which means it seems like your birthday isn’t as important as the family forgets it and moves the celebration to Christmas day.

On the other hand you have to option of combining your present and getting a big gift that others who have their birthday split within the year wouldn’t get. My own birthday is at the end of January so on occasion, like this year I can forgo a Christmas present to get a big gift.

And so does Alek. We have a big gift for him that everyone has chipped in for. He’s going to love it. David and I had planned on him getting the big gift for his birthday and a smaller supplemental gift for Christmas day. But now we couldn’t give the supplemental gift without him perhaps guessing what his main gift is. So we have to wait now until Christmas day.

He did get gifts today though. His mum and Pete bought him an Nokia N97 Mini and Alek was up nice and early to get it from them. He’s over the moon for it. He spent a lot of hours playing with the phone.

Pancakes on the Rocks
Alek outside Pancakes on the Rocks

We got ready and headed off to Pancakes On The Rocks (in Campbelltown) for breakfast. Alek, David and I had bacon, eggs, hashbrown and pancakes with maple syrup. Jennifer had the Devils Delight and Pete had Bananarama.

Everyone at Breakfast
Breakfast Pancakes
Breakfast Pancakes
Devil's Delight Pancakes

The food was delicious and very filling. We were stuffed to the brim.

After breakfast we checked out a factory outlet around the corner from the restaurant. It looked like it wasn’t quite finished and didn’t have much there to look at.

Alek, Pete and Jennifer Shopping

Alek had an open book for the day. He could choose to do anything he wanted. Originally Jennifer and Pete had planned on going to Jambaroo but Alek didn’t really want to. In fact after the last couple of days of banging himself up on the BMX I think he was a little too sore and sorry for himself to too much action.

Alek and his wound
Alek's new damage

So we ended up back at home, laying on the couch watching ABC 3 (the kid’s channel) with him.

He then had the choice of anywhere he wanted to go for lunch and he chose McDonalds. He was heading to his Dad’s for his birthday dinner so we grabbed some Maccas and dropped him off after at his grandmother’s house for his dinner.

Alek at Maccas

We then came home and chilled out watching some Deal or No Deal while David made us some home-made pizza for our dinner. They looked and tasted awesome.

Deal or No Deal
Dinner Bits

During dinner Alek called to say he was coming home tomorrow rather than Thursday. So we get to spend a bunch more time with him. AWESOME.

Jennifer is now educating us on the TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” a show we’ve missed out on for all these years. Not sure I love it, watching rich people be rich people and being famous just for that. Seems like the money is wasted on the vapid and naieve, believing that the world revolves around them. It’s a little weird.

Tomorrow we’re shopping for Mum’s Christmas present. After Alek gets home from his Dad’s place.

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