Family Fun Day

Another quick day of travel. We haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with Mum on this trip cause she works nights and hasn’t had any time off while we were here. Thankfully today is a public holiday so we organised to spend some time with mum and the some of the other folks in the family.

We drove down to Sydney from the Central Coast, it’s almost an two hour’s drive. They are roads we’ve driven on hundreds of times before but always leave me to marvel at man’s ability to carve his way through the environment for his own convenience.

F3 Roads
F3 Roads

We really didn’t do much. Had a BBQ for lunch and hung around Jennifer’s house. The day was more about spending time with our family than trying to do too much.

The afternoon was spent with everyone on their iPhones, iPads and iPods playing Words with Friends. It’s truly a changed world when family board game time is spent on individual phones. In a way it was better than if we played a single game of Scrabble, for a start we couldn’t all play cause only four people can play Scrabble and we were playing one on one games so there was no waiting for your turn as there was always a turn going around.

As you can see from the couple of games below, I did all right and then not so good.

David and I left for his mum’s house before dinner and after the long drive stopped at Tuggerah for some dinner as we figured his parents would have already had dinner. We decided on TexMex, not our best decision to-date. The food wasn’t all that and we could neither recommend it, nor would be be going there again any time soon, even if they do claim to have won the award for best Mexican food in the whole of New South Wales.

Mad Mex

But the time we got back to the folks’ house we finally got to watch a movie on the new Apple TV. David parents need to upgrade their internet if they are to get it to work right. It took ages for the movie to come to a point when it would play.

We watched “Devil” which I had already seen. For a movie where nothing much happens, it’s about 5 people in a lift, it is pretty fast-paced. And like all M. Night movies I can’t write much about it cause you’d figure out what the movie is all about.

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