Destination Sydney (Sydney 2010, Day 1)

Today we drove from Melbourne to Sydney. The Camry’s first big adventure and also Bill’s.


We woke at 5am for an expected 5:30 departure time. That didn’t happen. We had some clothes to iron before packing, some other washing to put on and the whole car to pack. Oh, and our food to get RTG packaged in the store nearby.

Now as an upgrade from our Fiesta the Camry’s boot is massive. I mean you could almost fit the fiesta into the Camry’s boot, but as is always the case, the Camry’s impressive boot was filled to the brim with our stuff for the trip.

We brought a single suitcase. A bag of presents. A bag of supplies from Costco to help with Christmas day catering and a whole bunch of other stuff, including the Thermomix that David wants to demonstrate to the family.


It was an uneventful trip of about 9 hours. The iPhone playlist most often on shuffle. And it rained a LOT of the way.


We stopped at McDonalds for the breakfast of travellers. A bacon and egg McMuffin breakfast meal for me and a sausage McMuffin meal for David. Usually I order the bacon and egg McMuffin with out the bacon. It’s an expensive egg on a muffin. But I figure it holds true to vegetarian ways.

This time of the year however I’m considering relaxing my need for vegetarian food. It can be hard on folks to take care of a single vege in a large group. And I’m not a vegetarian cause I don’t like the taste of meat. So I’m guessing that eleven and a half months out of twelve is still a pretty good run. I’ll go back to full-time vegetarian on our return to Melbourne.

I do have to say though that yesterday was my first taste of bacon in almost a year. And man has my tastes changed. It tasted salty and not as pleasant as I remember. So I may go back to the egg and cheese muffin if we head back to Maccas.


We stopped a little later to see if Bill wanted to pee, but he was far too fascinated with all the other smells around him to care about relieving himself. And it seemed like the rain was never going to end.

Our next stop was the dreaded Holbrook. It’s dreaded because most of the trip is at 110 kph. At Holbrook you have to slow all the way down to just 50 kph. It’s a notorious speed-trap, as is the town just before it coming from Sydney. The cops wait at either end to catch anyone who goes more than 50. The other reason it is notorious is due to it being one of the few places I’ve ever received a ticket for driving.


One of my first ever trips to Melbourne I was driving solo as David was already down there for work. I had driven right through, not stopping for anything. I was probably a little sleep deprived and should have stopped. But at one point I overtook a car and at the end of the overtake a cop rounded the bend coming out of Holbrook. I was still within the broken line section of the road, but due to the police officers speed had to cut back into the lane a little sooner than I had hoped. He did a quick u-turn and pulled me over, right across from the stupid submarine. He declared that my overtake was dangerous and asked me if I thought so. He didn’t love it when I didn’t agree (I had completed it successfully without a problem) but he gave me a ticket anyway. So that’s why I hate Holbrook and can’t wait for the by-pass to go in (it looks like they are working on it now).

We did the traditional stop at Yass for petrol and lunch. Karen Ray (I think that’s her name, David will correct me) is the owner of the Maccas there and she was David’s first boss at the Windsor store. He’s seen her there once but didn’t say anything to her, I figure he must think with the turn over of staff at your general Maccas there’d be little chance she’d recognise him.


We drove the rest of the way to, my sister, Jennifer’s house and was overjoyed to see my almost the whole family there to greet us. It’s always a buzz catching up with them after such a long time.

A bar-b-que was prepared and we played a game called Pictionary Man. In Pictionary Man you have a statue of a man, a box and a circle and have to draw on him and his accessories to get across what it is he is supposed to be. It’s a different take on Pictionary and while fun I’m not sure how successful it will be. We had to skip a bunch cause we didn’t know the references as adults and had to skip a bunch more because there is no way Alek would have known some of the others.

I think we got to bed around 10:30

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