Boxing Day (Sydney 2010, Day 8)

Today started with omelettes made by Greg in their omelette maker. It makes a little omelette perfectly sized for a muffin. It was a little bit spicy and was a great kick-off to the day.


After breakfast Jacob and Maygen assumed the roles and positions they had been in all day the day before. Jacob on the couch with his headphones on playing xbox, oblivious to the world around him, while Maygen was behind her hair-styling head (a Christmas gift) using her new products, the hair dryer, crimper etc.


After breakfast we left Jody and Greg’s and followed Sharon and Peter (David’s mum and dad) up the coast.

It’s always weird being back up here in New South Wales. Up here there is warning about speed cameras, they aren’t (yet) hidden like they are in Victoria. Not that we have a problem with that now we have cruise control. So when you see the signs you know to slow down, if you were speeding in the first place.

Heavy Fines

There is also a section of the freeway that has a variable limit depending on the weather. Just another oddity.

Slower when raining

The rest of the day has been spent recovering from our big meals yesterday. And relaxing. David and his dad spent the morning rewiring the entertainment system to accommodate the new Apple TV they got for Christmas.

And David’s mum loves teddy bears!

The Bear Room

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