Baritones, Bikes, Birds, Beaches and Burritos (Sydney 2010, Day 5)

As has been the case so far this week, I woke quite early and was sitting outside when Alek arose from bed and came straight out, obviously still half asleep. Half-asleep kids can be funny things. They look funny and they do funny things.


The previous night I had charged his phone up and put the Bruno Mars album on his phone and the first thing he did when he found out was to start miming his way through “Grenade”. Well that’s not completely true, at first he was signing out aloud along with the track, but when I started recording he reduced is performance to a mime.

It was pretty funny to watch. I’ll add a better version of the video when I get home.

After we’d gotten ready for the day we headed off to Jacob’s house for a morning of riding the bikes and taking some more video and photos for the movie they want me to put together for them.

Before we could go down the back though, Maygen had to have her noodles and Jacob had to finish washing his mum’s car. So while we were waiting I was playing with the new Polaroid Camera App on the iPhone.


And Maygen was showing off her new nails.


Then down the back we went. Going down was easy, the kids rode their bikes down the hill to the back of the property.

They did a few jumps, we recorded some video (to come later) and took some more photos. Maygen wasn’t very cooperative when I was trying to take some group shots of the three of them. I don’t think I got a single one where she wasn’t pulling a face.

Alek, Maygen and Jacob
Maygen and Jacob
Alek and Jacob
Jacob in Action
Jacob in Action
Jacob in Action
Alek in Action
Alek in Action
Alek in Action

After a while the boys became tired and wanted to go back up to the house. But there was no way they were going to ride their bikes back up the hill. Lucky we have the new car and we could fit their bikes in the boot, but only one at a time. So we ferried them back to the house.

Then it was time for us to head home, drop Bill The Doggin off and go shopping for a present for David and I as we hadn’t yet procured anything for us for Christmas.

Tired Kids

On the way home we stopped at KFC for lunch. Being the uncle you get your nephew what ever he wants, even if it sounds crazy and even if you know for sure they kid is never going to be able to fit all the food in. So when he asked for a Twister combo AND a Chicken Fillet Burger I said sure. You know what though, he ate it all, except for the few chips he shared with Bill. I was amazed. I guess all that bike riding of the morning built up quite an appetite.

After we’d eaten we headed out to Westfield Miranda for some shopping, to get the afore mentioned gift for ourselves. I can’t tell you want it is cause I had to erase all knowledge of it from my memory so I could be surprised when we unwrap it on Christmas day. :P But I’m sure it’s amazing.

Westfield Miranda
Miranda Christas Tree

Once we were done with shopping we travelled around the corner to collect Jennifer to take her with us to dinner.

Cronulla BeachCronulla Beach

Before dinner, we had to wait for Pete to arrive so we went down to Cronulla Beach to check it out. On the way back from the beach we ran into Glen, Olga and Austin. They gave Alek his Christmas present which he opened, it was a T-Shirt from their site TeeProject.

Alek and his new Shirt

To eat we went to Sombreros, a mexican restaurant. We had an array of food. Trios Dips to start then a main each. Enchiladas, nachos and quesadillas. The food was nice, even if I was, at first, a little concerned about the cleanliness.

Sombrero's Mexican Restaurant
Alek and the double corn chip
Alek's Dinner
Pete's Nachos
My Dinner

The nighted ended kind of early as we were very full and very tired from the heat of the day. Tomorrow it’s shopping and preparations for Christmas Day. It will be our most routine day for the whole trip.

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