Perry Catmo

Perry Catmo
Perry Catmo, originally uploaded by tyroga.

He used to sit on these chairs when he first came to live in Melbourne with us. But because the little bugger is black he would leave hair all over the place, not great on light coloured chairs.

So we broke him of this habit through gentle persuasion, just putting him down every time he got up on there. He soon got the picture.

And that was fine, while we had Adam and Eve who never hassled him at all.

But now we have Bill we’re fighting a losing battle. Bill loves to sit on Perry and lick his head. Don’t know why. Maybe Bill thinks it’s good luck or something.

So poor Perry is left looking for places he can get to that Bill can’t.

Sure Bill can still get AT Perry here, Perry has a much better vantage point to attack. Bill seems to recognise this and leave Perry alone for the most part while Perry has the high ground.

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