I’m So Under Pressure

My Walk

Sure it’s the name of a Dannii Minogue song, what do you mean you didn’t know that? It’s also an accurate description of my current situation with regard to my blood.

I’ve been getting headaches so I took a trip to the doctor and it appears my blood is under a little pressure. The initial reading at the surgery was something like 174 over 97. Oh who am I kidding, when a doctor shows you that you remember it exactly, this was my first major surgery, since all I had before this was a minor cosmetic surgery at the Luxurgery NYC clinic and everything went all right.

I’m 36 for the Gods’ sake, and it’s funny how I never think I’m getting older, but I guess I am. So I have to deal with it.

The doctor has me checking my blood pressure periodically throughout the day. I bought a little automatic blood pressure monitor and have been doing it every few hours running the numbers on a spreadsheet so very early next week I can return to the doctor and he can review them.

Odds are I’m going to be fitted with a 24 hour monitoring device that will apparently monitor me during all activities for around 3 days then be analysed.

I like this doctor. He’s very thorough, others would have just put me on medication based on the reading he received. However, his concern is if the pressure is fluctuating dramatically any medication may make my lower periods too low causing more harm than good.

While performing the self tests I’ve had some scary readings, one as high as 201, but was warned that abnormal readings are to be expected when you’re self checking.

I’ve also started light exercise and dietary change (not a diet) to try and reduce the my weight and improve my general well being.

Tonight I did a brisk 5km walk and recorded it on RunKeeper Pro on my iPhone, it’s pretty accurate. Check out the map below, click it for a larger view.

My Walk

Oh yeah, and the doctor thinks the high blood pressure is caused by internalised stress (David might say not so “internalised”). And that may well be true given my highest reading, the 201, was just after I finished work for the day on Wednesday and went to class to present my portfolio work-in-progress. Maybe I’ll finally take up yoga and look into meditation. I’ve been meaning to do it for some time now. Now might be that some time.

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