Changing it up

I haven’t updated in a while about my progress at school and with my portfolio. But since the last update I’ve scrapped the idea of using models and changed it up to a food photography portfolio.

I’m still working out the exact styling I want. Have been shooting some using a giant tile I bought from Hynes the tile people in Hoppers Crossing. And using a light tent I’ve set up at home with some PVC and a couple of sheets and a couple of lights as a light source.

The first week I shot, about two weeks ago now, I had a crisis of confidence in my equipment. Every shot I looked at on the back of my 5D MKII appeared blurry and I was panicking a little. So to assuage my fears I brought out the handy dandy 400D camera as a back up.

It’s truly an inadequate back-up when shooting in low light situations. Even at ISO 800 the noise was too much to bear. So the photos I took to class last week were a little less than what I wanted.

But as I’m doing food photography, I need food. So I have to thank the awesome David for all his efforts in creating the food I took photos of. He did an awesome job.

This past weekend though was much lighter on. We only did one dish and to bulk it up I did a whole bunch of vegetables isolated on white, to play with the lighting in the light tent some more.

Broccoli Side
Little Trees

I’ve decided I need to make the light tent a little longer than I have it and to be able to get better angles I might be taking it to the floor. It’s going to be a good trick keeping Bill, our puppy, away from it, but I’ll have to do my best if I want to get the the shots I’m after.

I’m excited to be doing it, but a little scared too. We only have about two more weeks of shooting time before our portfolios are due and in that time we also need to get prints done. We’re also supposed to have a full visual diary to show how we came to where we are in our portfolio.

Wish me luck.

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