Violence Against Women…

Evil men say no.

I want to know who’s behind the “Violence Against Women, Australia Says No”, it surely can’t be a woman or a women’s group. I’m thinking it must be smart and evil men.

Violence against anyone, I say no! There should be no violence, it’s never warranted, it’s never condonable. But that’s by ANYONE against ANYONE.

In a world where we still have reports saying that the number of women on our company boards are too low, that women are still often paid less then men and that Australia says no to violence against women we have a problem, and it’s not to violence against women. It’s the message that “Violence against women, Australia says no” sends to women.

Humans are most easily controlled by fear:

  • People believe in gods and fear the repecustions of not following the “good word”. Because once they die they may be sent to a mythical hell.
  • People allow their civil liberties to be eroded because the government tells them terrorists are out to destroy them and they have the power to protect you, but they need to make you less accountable and less in control of your own life to do so. Because people are taught to fear the so-called terrorist.
  • Children do what they are told because they fear they may be grounded or have their toys taken away.

This campaign “Violence against women, Australia says no” is no different. It’s telling women they need to fear men, that men are evil and that men are stronger than them and able to hurt them. It fosters fear and distrust in fellow humans and keeps women looking over their shoulders for a would-be-attacker, when one rarely exists.

It continues to oppress women and it has been going on for far too long. Women need to stop supporting campaigns like this. They need to be the ones to stand up and say “we are not the victim here”, or at the very least “we are not the only victims of violence”. They need to empower themselves with the knowledge that they can and will defend themselves. That they have to power to walk out of a bad situation.

I don’t want to hear that an abused woman will stay in a relationship because she has nowhere else to go. That’s bullshit and it’s ridiculous. There is always somewhere else to go.

There will be no equality while we support ad campaigns that promote women as being less than men. There will be no empowerment until we stop telling women they have no power over their lives.

I implore you to watch this ad, which has been running around now for over five years. And then tell me how it empowers women to get out of the situation? It doesn’t it paints them as weak and needing protection from outside sources.

So there’s may rant. I say it all with knowledge of what it is to be in an emotional and physical abusive relationship. I know how hard it can be for all involved including friends and family who know something is going on but don’t know what to do about it. I also know that it was my decision to leave, to get up, walk out and leave everything behind that saved me from the cycle. If you know me you’d think it aburd that at 6″4′ I was the “victim” in a relationship, but when you’re young, in one of your first serious relationships. When you don’t know any better you quickly come to think it might be the norm. But it’s not.

Violence is never normal. Violence against anyone is not right and not justifiable. But ultimately my advice is don’t be a victim, don’t allow someone else to have power over you. That’s not what life is about and it certainly isn’t what love is about.

Violence against anyone, I say “NO”.

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