Bill Visits Work

Bill Visits Work

A couple of weeks ago Olivia in our office sent me a notice from a website seeking people who knew people who had pets who have twitter accounts.

I contacted the people and confirmed that Bill our puppy has a twitter account which is regularly updated with the comings and goings of his days.

A couple of emails later and Bill’s at work, waiting for a photographer to come in and take a photo of (what I thought was just) him for a news story the Herald Sun is doing on Pets that tweet.

Turns out though that they wanted a shot of both the pet AND the owner. This didn’t make me too happy as I prefer to be on the other side of the camera, but I persevered though the shoot and I hope they got a decent shot, the gods know how with me in the shot.

We did try a couple with just Bill, but the photographer thought it was a little weird looking to have the dog alone with a computer.

So after half a day of being petted by everyone in the office, all of which wish Bill could come to work every day, and having his photo taken I brought Bill home at lunch time.

While he was at work I took him out a couple of times to do what he needed to do and he wouldn’t go. But as soon as he got home he peed for ages, so I guess he’s good at holding it in.

We’d love for him to be the office dog. He’s got a great demeanour and would love to come in and trot around the office being adored. But at the moment he’s probably still a little too young.

So when I know what edition of the paper Bill will be in, we’ll see how it turns out and will make sure we grab a few copies.

Oh and this photo isn’t one that was taken for the shoot by the paper’s photographer, this one we took to send to Geoff who is in the UK at the moment. We did it to show Geoff what we found under all the papers on his desk. Good thing he had his important stuff on the best travel desk you’ve ever seen, mounted on his window, well out of reach. You should have seen how many people crammed in to see this one photo being taken. We worked for a great company, nothing like having a place where you can do funny crap like this and have most of the company join in.

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