A new type of shooting

Today I went out with Kathryn to do some test setup for a shoot we’ve been commissioned to do. It’s a little different to our normal fare. Usually we photograph weddings, babies, portraits and sometimes nudes, but we’ve never before been commissioned to do a plus-size glamour shoot.

Our model today was Tori, or Victoria. She’s such a wonderful face and knows how to work the camera. She’s sure of her look and confident in her way. It was good a good practice run for a full-days shoot that will happen on the 27th of November at a studio in Heidelberg.

Between now and then we have a shoot next week with a young contortionist and I have about five or six weeks to get a shoot complete my second semester port folio.

Working with Kathryn is great. She’s go good with people I’ve a lot to learn from her in that regard.

Looking forward to next week and our shoot a month out from now.

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