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Halo James - Could Have Told You So

Halo James - Could Have Told You So

Halo James’ “Could Have Told You So” a crappy, pop-plastic 80s song to most is full of great memories for me.

I don’t know why but I vividly remember the day I bought it, not the actual date, but the experience of buying it. It’s weird the way our memories work.

I was in the city of Sydney with a couple of friends, about 16 at the time. We went into town for a day of shopping. It wasn’t a usual thing for a westy like me to make the trek into the city at this time. In year 11 at school I didn’t drive, we caught the train in and I was hanging to go to the big record store in the strand arcade. I think it pre-dated the Virgin mega-stores and it was MASSIVE taking up the whole basement level of the Strand Arcade.

Wandering around my friends were getting restless, I don’t think spending all their time in a record store was what they had intended on doing. After relentless pestering I finally agreed to leave.

On the way out there was a sale bin of 7inch vinyl singles and I took a look through while my friends pulled on my sleeves. Almost giving in my eyes spotted the name “Halo James” and my hands grabbed the record. It was on sale for $3.00

It was the only thing I bought that day.

First thing I did when I got home was listen to the record, I was immediately in love with the track and the b-side (“Well of Souls”). The second thing I did was transfer the record to a cassette tape. That tape spent forever in my Walkman. I spent a lot of hours singing away to the song in my room, in the street, at the park.

I had never seen the music video for the song. And I have never found the album for sale here in Australia. So there’s a blip of memory for you.

It probably didn’t hurt that back then I was also in love with the cover the single came in, I thought Christian James was dreamy. :P

Oh look Halo James have a MySpace page!

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