Grand Final HDR

The MCG - AFL Grand Final 2010

Quick blurb about the Grand Final, I had the opportunity to go along to the awesome game and do what I like to do, watch the people. No not the guys on the field. I actually saw very little of the actual game. My job was to get some images of the spectator reactions to the game play.

It’s an amazing experience being at the MCG with 100,015 of your closest friends and harshest enemies. Sometimes they are one and the same.

The noise the crowd makes as a pivotal moment approaches, the intake of breath as the moment is almost there and then the wild cheer or awwww when the moment succeeds or doesn’t.

The top image is an auto-stitch from my iPhone.

While I was there I took some bracketed shots and have created some HDRs of the scenes. I doubt they’ll get used for anything so I present them here.

The setting was turned all the way up to surreal so they have a saturation of colour and strong edges. I’ll also do what I initially took the photos for and tone-map the images to make the exposure look more even. This will still be HDR, just not as extreme.

And thanks for the draw guys, I now get to do it all over again! Very excited.

AFL Grand Final HDR

HDR Balloon

Now a clean version:

Grand Final HDR Clean

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