I Got Pine Mouth!

Pine Nuts = Bad Taste

Pine Nuts = Bad TasteEww I have the worst taste in my mouth that wont go away. Doesn’t matter what I eat or drink it just lingers and it looks like it may all be down to recent consumption of pine nuts.

Sucks most cause they taste great when you eat them, but word is in recent times people have been reporting that eating pine nuts has lead to a foul, sometimes metallic, taste that lasts for up to 4 weeks!

And it over runs everything. I can eat a Snickers bar and while the bar is on my tongue there is momentary relief but once it is swallowed the taste in my mouth returns.

There’s no evidence that anyone else I interact with is affected, it appears that the nuts have just changed the way my taste receptors are working at the moment.

It’s driving me nuts (pardon the pun). As a vegetarian it seems everything has pine nuts in it and now I have to be even more choosy about what I eat.

I’m thinking this case of pine mouth came from one of four sources I’ve eaten in the last week.

  1. Stuffed capsicum from Lee’s, our regular cafe for lunch at work (last Thursday),
  2. A pasta dish from Livewire (lunch last Friday),
  3. A vegetarian calzone from Crème in Altona (Sunday), or
  4. Beetroot, parmesan and pine nut dip I had at home (Monday)

Where ever it came from I wish it would go away. From what I’ve read of late this has become a pretty common thing in the last year or so and seems mostly related to pine nuts coming out of China.

So if you have ever suffered “pine mouth” you’d know it. It is the worst!


  1. poor you – I went to the doctor about this same affliction and was told that it was an infection in my sinuses. I had a spray and antibiotics and it cleared it up pretty quickly. Might be worth looking into???

  2. I did take a trip to the doc. Said he didn’t know what it was. Then found out about Pine Mouth after that and it’s all cleared up now so I guess that’s that :D

    But should it return I’ll keep my sinuses in mind.

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