Ghostly Saturday

We had a great night Saturday night, even though we were a little sad we were one down in our party with Kathryn being ill and having to bail out.

Pellegrini's Frontage

David, Sue and I met with Sandy and Rob at Pellegrini’s (66 Bourke Street, Melbourne) for an awesome dinner. From the outside the place looks like bedlam. People packed in at two long bars down either side of the tiny little restaurant with barely enough room to squish ourselves down to the tiny kitchen in the back, which is where we sat at a long table.

Pellegrini's Kitchen

All of the cooking is done on a tiny little stove, feeding the entire restaurant packed with people. And the food was great and relatively inexpensive, not cheap by any means. It seems like it could be hard to get a large group in, at 5 we were only just accommodated. And they don’t take reservations so it might be hit and miss getting in.

Dinner at Pellegrini's

After dinner we headed over to the Haunted Bookshop to wait for our Melbourne Ghost Tour to begin. We got there a little early on a nippy night and huddled together trying to stay warm as many other tour participants arrived.

At 8:30 pm the doors to The Haunted Bookshop opened for us all to go in and buy our tickets we then met outside again for the tour to begin. I recorded the tour’s 7km walk on my iPhone’s “Trails” application so I have it plotted out on a map, just have to figure out how to get that on a Google Map at some time.

The Haunted Bookshop

It was a great talk and walk led by our guide Drew Sinton. To find out we have ghosts all over our city is amazing. It’s great. I can’t wait to get to some of the locations again to check them out in my own time. In particular the ghost who apparently inhabits the State Library in the atrium near the newspaper section. According to our guide there used to be a two storey building on the site and the ghost used to live there and now walks the second floor which extends into the atrium so she appears to float as she walks along a floor that is no longer there.

The other amazing thing to find out is that under a very popular, and Melbourne’s oldest park, Alexandra Gardens, there are thousands of bodies buried. Bodies that were never moved because in the olden days the wooden grave markers were stolen for firewood by the poor parts of the North Melbourne community. So there they lay, below a park that many frequent and many bask in the sun with their lunch in the summertime.

Ghost Tour Guide

Melbourne’s other old and now gone graveyard with over 10,000 bodies in it now resides under the Queen Victoria Market (a very short walk from Alexandra Garden), of these 10,000+ bodies when the redevelopment came to take place to create the market only about 900 were relocated as only their graves could be identified and their families requested they be moved. All of the other bodies remain under market to this day.

It was a great night and an interesting walk with great friends. I recommend it to anyone. It was only $20 per person, a steal.

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