A Rose By Any Other Artist Isn’t Worth 200 Million

What’s the deal? A set of 65 glass negatives were found and believed to have been created by master photographer Ansel Adams. They were bought by some guy in California at a garage sale for $45 after he talked the seller down something like $80.

They were shown to art experts who declared them most likely to be the work of Ansel Adams and valued them at more than $200 million dollars.

Then the Adams crowd came out and said, no they aren’t his work. This was followed by some lady who said they were the work of her uncle Earle and suddenly they ain’t worth squat.

What the hell is that about? It sucks that if you have a name your stuff will sell, but if someone looks at your work, can’t distinguish between it and the work of a master, then your work is worth nothing once they realise they were wrong and you’re not the master.

So kodos to Uncle Earle where ever you may be. You’re work is apparently exquisite. But up yours to the art world who declare it worth a hell of a lot less because while Uncle Earle’s work = Ansel Adams work : Uncle Earle ≠ Ansel Adams.

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