Relationships are not about hard work

Worried that some people make relationships into something they need not be: hard work!

Here’s a tip.

If you argue with your significant other. If you ever go to bed angry. If you begrudge them having their own time to do their own things. If you feel you have to question who they were with or what they were doing while they weren’t with you. If you don’t enjoy just hanging out together and always have to have something on. If you compete for power. If you don’t support each others’ dreams no matter how crazy they may seem. If you don’t laugh together at least once a week, and I mean really laugh. You’re screwed.

Sure you’re in a relationship, but that person isn’t your partner if you believe them to me more an adversary or a burden to your existence.

Do both of you a favour and be the one to break it off. Find the person with whom you can laugh and grow… someone who complements you, not completes you.

Break it off now cause you only get one life and it should be filled with joy and love.

And that’s my rant for the day.

Today’s post was inspired by a friend’s post on Facebook. I really am sick of people who complain about their lives (and yes I’ve been guilty of doing it). There is so much wonder in the world there is little reason to be unhappy. No one is in a position they can’t get themselves out of. No one. Some may need assistance and some may need courage. But ultimately we are each responsible for our own happiness and the pursuit of happiness should be your goal.

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