Ignorance is Bliss

… until you think you’re not; but really you still are.

We have a new Prime Minister. Ms Julia Gillard. Probably one of the fastest ever no-confidence leader dumpings. Talked about one day, over the next with no contest from, now, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

After this action what are all the people on the comments of news stories bitching about? That they didn’t vote for Julia Gillard, they voted for Kevin Rudd and that if there was to be a change of leadership they should have had a say in it. And that’s where they show their ignorance. Perhaps not completely their fault.

You see in Australia we don’t vote for the person who leads our ruling party, we vote for the party. In this case when you cause your vote you’ll notice the “how to vote” forms say “How to vote for Labor”, or “How to vote Liberal” etc. They don’t say “How to vote for Kevin Rudd” because you didn’t. You voted for the Australian Labor Party to run the country (if you voted for them, else you voted for the Australian Coalition to run the country but they didn’t win). You may well have voted for the Greens, but you know what, they then gave your votes to someone else cause we’re a two-party preferred democracy.

Unlike the United States (which many Australian’s seem to think we do everything the way they do) we don’t have elections where the person who will run to contest the presidency is voted for. We just vote for the party and the party themselves determine who will run the party. At least I think that’s how the American system works, I’m allowed to be a little ignorant about their system, I’m Australian :P

In the past year it seems every major party has gone through a “spill”, the party’s leader being overthrown from within, at least two of these have taken place in ruling parties, both were Labor. The other was when Tony Abbot replaced Malcolm Turnbull as the leader of the Liberal Party. It seems to happen all the time these days.

And people get upset because they are ignorant to the way our government works, a shame in a country where voting is compulsory. In a way I guess the ignorance is fuelled by the parties. In the 2007 election Labor was present to us as “Kevin ’07”, a catch-cry that lead them to victory over the Liberal Party who had governed the country for 12 years.

The other sign of ignorance that seems to be surfacing revolves around the fact that Julia Gillard is an unwed woman living with her partner of many years, with no intention of bearing young and no intention of getting married. There are comments everywhere from people making statements that a woman like that can no possibly represent them as she is too far removed from their way of life. What a crock of crap.

I trust the Australian Labor Party, lead by Julia Gillard, will do the best job they can for our nation. I believe that our ruling party and the Prime Minister that leads should be wise enough to look at everything that comes across their desks and decide how it will impact the people they serve and to make the best judgement call based on the facts.

The best person for the job would actually be a totally impartial party, but that’s never going to happen. It would be a party that has no ties or allegiances to unions, churches, gender, groups etc, but that’s never going to happen.

So until we live in a perfect world, let’s try to understand how our system of government works and stop looking completely stupid when we talk about it in public.

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  1. I am intrigued by the amount of discussion this particular change in government has generated. I guess there are so many aspects to comment on. I agree with what you have said and wonder if you have a sore tongue from biting it over the past week!

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