Tyroga’s World Tour

Well not quite a world tour but in two months time I will have been overseas twice. Not bad for someone who’s never been overseas before, never even had a passport until two days ago.

In May we’ll go overseas to my sister’s wedding, a week in Fiji is going to be awesome. Not sure what we’re doing other than the wedding but I’m certain we’ll find a lot of things to do. I’ll have to take at least one extra hard drive before we go so I can fit all the photos I’ll be taking.

A couple of weeks later I’ll be jet setting off alone, heading to the US for a 7-day training course. And on the 8th day David will fly in and we’ll hopefully spend the next 5 or so days in San Francisco. It will be our first big trip together.

The first week will also be the longest well have been apart from each other in the just-celebrated 13 years we’ve been together. That’s going to be one weird week. It’ll also be the first time we’ll be in different time-zones.

Gonna be weird, scary and fun.

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