Mum’s in Town

This weekend mum has come to visit to check out how her little dog Stacky and Eve would get along as Stacky might be coming to stay while the family treks off over to Fiji in May.

Stacky is a funny dog some might say not quite right, but that wouldn’t be fair. She’s just different. Sure she walks into walls and only seems to see out of one eye but she’s still adorable and for 14 years old she’s doing quite well. In fact earlier I said she looks a little like a mogwai that hasn’t quite decided it wants to transition into a gremlin, but has started the process.

This weekend is also my brother’s first visit to Melbourne and rounds out my family visiting our house, it’s only been five years.

Saturday David took Mum and Greg around Melbourne while I was in class. I’m still not too sure what they were up to, I know they went to Laurent for some afternoon tea and did a lot of walking. Mum’s dogs were barking (Aussie for her feet were sore, I don’t get it either) when I finally caught up with them.

Saturday we went to Werribee Open Range Zoo to show Greg some attractions. We skipped the first couple of tour buses and opted to walk around the zoo first. Worked out great cause on our tour the rhinos were so close to the track and even passed in front of our bus. It was awesome.

I still have to get there and spend a while trying to get some better pics of the hippos they can be hard to get, though my friend Kathryn has shown it can be done. Thankfully our Friends of the Zoos membership lets us go in and out at will so I’ll eventually get the shots I’d like to see.

On Monday we went to the city for breakfast and a bit of shopping, mum decided she wanted to buy a camera. After a very short hop from shop to shop she decided on the Canon 550D. The same camera my sister recently bought. We should all have a great time in Fiji with our cameras.

After a quick trip home and a charge of mum’s new battery Mum, Greg and I went to Serendip Sanctuary to try out mum’s new camera, Greg took the 400D and we all snapped away. We arrived at Serendip at 3:30 and it closes at 4 so our time there was quite short. And for the next couple of hours we drove around looking for things to shoot. We found some birds in a field, a train track, some dilapidated houses and we even had some fun at a couple of places where people had dumped stuff, throwing objects in the air and trying to capture them.

It was great, but in the end I was so tired I was in bed by 8pm.

We woke up super early this morning and saw mum on her way. Stacky is still with us and will be now for about 6 or 7 weeks until we get back from Fiji and the US.

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