Trudi’s Felt

Trudi's Felt
Trudi’s Felt, originally uploaded by tyroga.

Well done to Trudi who’s following her passion and making things. This year she has taken time off from being a teacher to give being her own boss a go.

Trudi hand-colours all of her own felt in a big “cauldron” on her stove. They look great. It’s 100% natural wool.

So if you’re thinking about doing some crafty things with felt head over to Trudi’s Etsy store and grab some.


  1. Thanks much, also learnt a lot about photographing felt. The deep red was the worst. The camera obviously didn’t like it. The red pushed a red colour cast over the entire frame. An effect I didn’t see with any of the other colours.

    Hope Trudi makes lots of money from her felt.

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