School is In (again – YAY)

My Submission for Week 3

Our poor school. The Photography Studies College suffered greatly in the recent storms, as I mentioned in a previous post. Missed a week of school while they worked to repair the building.

Well they are part way through repairs. All the carpet is gone from the top levels. The ground level of the computer and studio building has lost a fair bit of its false ceiling AND while I haven’t seen it, I hear one of the studios has been destroyed!

But back in class I am and having fun.

This was the first week we had to bring photographic submissions to class and I was nervous. Didn’t know how good the others would be, how bad mine might be in comparison, and what reaction my photos would provoke.

I took the easy way out, brought and eclectic set of 13 photos, running quite the gambit.

Thankfully they were well recieved.

My Submission for Week 3

Thursday we had a computer class, and our first assessment we had to hand in. Not that it was hard. All we had to do was apply some metadata, make some slight tonal adjustments, export the photos, rename them and put them on the assessment server. Um… I was done in like 5 minutes.

This week was also the week we were officially told about our assessment task of keeping a visual diary. We are tasked with collecting photos we like and writing a small text about them. We should also write, draw and do what ever else that inspires us or that we’ve seen or heard that makes us think about our work.

If you like you can check mine out at I’ve been dying to start it and have already posted a few entries and have a few more scheduled to go live at future dates. Didn’t want to seem too over eager.

This weekend I’ll be taking some more photos for this week’s submission. I’m thinking still life; one of my cameras and probably one of some origami cranes similar to one I’ve taken before.

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