OMG My Feet Are Sore

Melbourne International Flower Show

Today I walked halfway around Melbourne and back. Went of to the Melbourne International Flower Show all alone. It’s a pretty big place but really wasn’t all that great for someone looking to take a bunch of photos. There was a lot going on and having never been there before I didn’t know just how much of the show was actually about selling stuff.

There were some great display gardens one in particular had a motorised platform that came out over a pool, the team at does a great job trimming it.

Another thing that certainly stood out was the amount of food on sale! It seems like it was more a food show than anything else.

After I left the flower show I was on my way to the National Gallery of Victoria when I saw a sign for the Antipode Festival. Not sure what an Antipode Festival was I thought I’d take a walk up and see it. It was quite a walk to the festival, but now I know what it is. The Antipode Festival is a Greek Festival. Unfortunately not much was going on, it looked like they were still setting up at 12:30 in the afternoon.

After jotting around there I left to go back to the NGV.

The NGV is showing works by Ron Mueck. The guy does these awesome sculptures some smaller than life some larger but all far too lifelike.

Ron Mueck - Mask II

Ron Mueck is on until 18th April 2o1o at the National Gallery of Victoria.

I left the gallery and heading back to Etihad Stadium to go home with David (who was at work working) came across a street performer who was doing weird things with her body.

Flexible Street Performer

I’m now incredibly sore, and tired. And I still don’t have all the pics I need for this week’s submission. Thankfully there is still time.

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