Education Postponed On Account Of Rain

Sad face, turns out Melbourne’s wild weather has impacted me. Here I was thinking how we out here in the west did quite well only getting tons of rain while the city was having hail stones the size of tennis balls.

But turns out my school, the Photography Studies College, has been taken out by the weather. They’ve shut down for the week (at this point) while they make emergency repairs. In their words the Photography Studies College was extensively damaged by the crazy weather.

Walking around the city today also showed a lot of damage in other places. A couple of stores had roofs that have caved in and Etihad Stadium (where we work) also saw some cave ins and were having works done today to fix up the damaged areas. But from what I saw it could take some time to do it.

Hopefully the work on PSC won’t take so long and I’ll be back at school next week.


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