Glamour Photography

Out of Shadows, Glamour photography by Aquamarine

Kathryn shared a new site  with me today. And it’s awesome.

Glamour Photos features some amazing examples of what you can do when you really know what you’re doing, not just futzing around like me. I’d love to learn how to do some of these things.

Out of Shadows, Glamour photography by Aquamarine

The photo above is “Out of Shadows” by artist Aquamarine on Glamour Photos. See more by Aquamarine.

Seriously thinking about going into a little more debt to do the course at the Photography Studies College here in Melbourne. Seems like every man and his dog has gone there but at about $8,000 a year for 4 years it’s not something to take lightly. Of course I can probably right it off on tax as I DO occasionally do photography at work! Something to consider. But I have to decide fast cause it starts in a couple of weeks. Maybe it’s time I suffer for my art?

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