Would people stop bitching already

Today Apple released the iPad and while there were a flurry of people happy about it, me included, there has been a lot of dissension. People complaining that it’s just a big iPod touch, that its 1024×768 screen doesn’t serve widescreen video that well. That it doesn’t do background processing, let you install unathorised apps or this and that, all people have done is bitch about it and it pisses me off a little cause not one of the whiners is looking at the big picture.

The iPad is not a replacement for your desktop computer, rather it is an aside. An additional device so that next time I’m writing a post like this sitting on the lounge I won’t be doing it on my MacBook Pro. So that when I want to check who that chick is in the movie I’m watching at home I can do so without having to double-click the IMDB page on my iPhone to make the text bigger. It’s also so I can comfortably read books in an electronic format, in full colour and sometimes with multimedia components.

I see families changing the way their computers are set up at home. There will be one main computer, an iMac for example. On this computer all of the media will be housed. Any heavy lifting computer work will be carried out on this computer.

In addition to this iMac the family will have multiple iPads. One of each family member. These will do the day-to-day stuff, browsing the web, managing social networks, the banking. With iWork for the iPad the kids will also be able to do their homework directly on the iPad. Basically the iPads will become the computers for most of the members of the household.

Consider that with the “closed ecosystem” there is little to no chance your iPad will see a virus in it’s lifetime. Parental controls in iPhone OS will let parents manage the content their children can have access to. It will hold school text books and reading materials.

The touch interface means using the device is a no-brainer for those who are scared or wary about using computers, think about your mum, dad or others.

For photographers, me kind of being one, it’s a dream unit to take out and show clients, a perfect way to show off your photos.

While the iPad plays video, that’s not its main purpose, that’s why we’re not going to have to try and figure out how to do everything on a 2:35:1 screen. It’s 4:3 because that olds a standard book format perfectly in portrait mode. And ultimately, while it was only really brushed over in the keynote, that’s what the iPad is for.

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