Vego Update – Day 5

The hardest thing about being vegetarian is my compulsion to pick at food while I make meals.

I’ve just stopped myself twice in the last few days from picking up a bit of steak that broke away on the BBQ and having a bit of roast beef when I made David’s sandwich the other day.

But I did stop myself and that’s what counts.

Going to try Crumpet’s Pineapple Curry tonight I think. I have the fresh pineapple but might have to run to the shop for supplies. Will let you know how I go.

Oh and I’ve also lost about a kilo since I’ve started. I guess one of the pluses of vegetarianism is that most of the fast food places don’t sell fat-laden vegetarian meals, so no more of that stuff for me. And yep that is one of the hardest things about giving up meat. I admit it, I am a fast food eater (or was), but as they are often the culprits of changes in the way animals are raised for food, they had to go from my life.

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